Reasons Why Sunflower Seeds Are Addictive

Reasons Why Sunflower Seeds Are Addictive

Sunflower seed is the fruit of the sunflower plant, which is harvested from the main flower’s head and dried to dry black shell seeds. These plants occur in 2 varieties were planted specifically for the manufacture of oil used in cooking, while the other variety is used to produce seeds that people consume. The seeds have a soft texture as well as a nut-like flavor and can be consumed in roasted form or eaten raw when dry. Eating sunflower seeds, especially unpeeled, can be very tantalizing and addicting to the tongue due to the salty taste that they contain. Nutritionists have reported that sunflower seeds are a healthy and delicious treat to the body when eaten in moderation or according to the nutritionally recommended serving. However, the reality is that eating many seeds of this plant is likely to cause health issues to people.

The majority of people who have

The majority of people who have nutritional deficiencies, especially minerals, are more prone to suffer sunflower seed addiction because the seeds contain more nutrients in addition to rare minerals. Research shows that the seeds contain important vitamins, cholesterol-free oils safe for the heart, and antioxidants, making them a delicious, crunchy meal. Sunflower seeds contain minerals like copper and vitamins like E as well as B1 that we need. Ideally, if your body is missing these essential minerals and vitamins, you will definitely develop a crazy craving for any meal that contains such nutrients, which is the case with sunflower seeds. This can clearly be described in how pregnant women develop a strong craving for stones, which contain iron minerals. That is because expectant women demand more iron for the developing child, and if they don’t have enough iron, their iron deficiency will drive them to ironstones. Next time you develop a craving for sunflower seeds, find out the nutrients your body may be missing and try to consume meals rich in those nutrients to replace the seeds.

Another reason that explains the high

Another reason that explains the high craving for sunflower seeds is the salty content in these seeds, which increases appetite for meals. It is hard to imagine food without salt; in fact, people would rarely take food that does not have salt. Salt is an additive to meals making them more delicious as well as palatable. Therefore, foods that have natural salt are a must-have snack on the table. Salty snacks like potato crisps or sunflower seeds are usually crunchy, that it is hard to stop chewing them because they keep our mouths busy. If that sounds like something you have been doing, then it is time to check on it and practice moderation to reap the benefits of sunflower seeds. The secret behind such food is that they make you thirsty, leading to a salt habit that makes you crave more.

Reasons Why Sunflower Seeds Are Addictive

In addition, sunflower seeds have a soft texture that feels tantalizing to the mouth when consumed raw or roasted. Similarly, their small size makes them easy to consume and swallow, forming a suitable crunchy snack on a relaxed day when you don’t feel like eating something heavy. It is easy to stuff more sunflower seeds into the mouth and eat them very fast without getting tired. You will get surprised by the number of seeds you will have consumed when the whole plate is over, and you’re still craving for more.

Good childhood memories of eating sunflowers could also be why there is a high addiction to these seeds. If your childhood were full of consuming sunflower seeds and enjoying them as a snack, you would definitively love them crazily in your adult life. These seeds, if eaten on a stressful day, can help you relax when tired.

Even though sunflower seeds are healthy to the blood, over-consuming them due to addiction can negatively affect your health. That can cause you an increase in weight as well as a rise in your sodium intake. Nutritionists advise only to use one serving of those seeds daily to enjoy their full benefit, reducing the chances of developing unwanted diseases. If eaten in the right amount of recommended measure, sunflower seeds can help you fight common health issues like heart disorders as well as diabetes. They crave for the seeds can be habitual, calling for personal decisions such as buying a few sunflower seeds to stop the habit.