Benefits of Living Off Sunflower Seeds

Benefits of Living Off Sunflower Seeds

The question if you could live off sunflower seeds depends entirely on what the seed has to offer to your body. Just like other edible seeds, they are packed with nutrients needed by the body. The small white seeds are enclosed in a black shell and have a nutty flavor. You can take them raw or increase their taste by roasting the seeds. The seeds are tasty and can bring back memories of baseball games when you were growing up.

Adding sunflower seeds to your diet could do wonders for your body by boosting immunity, skin, and the heart. It also has other nutritional values that can keep your body running by just eating enough sunflower seeds each day. They are rich in calories, which is the body’s fuel to perform everyday tasks.

Unless a person is a bird

These seeds can be beneficial to everyone as few are allergic to them. This means almost everyone can benefit from eating sunflower seeds making it an ideal food or snack. To survive, you need enough calories and nutrients to run, build or repair your body. There is no experiment done to determine if sunflower seeds can keep you running without other meals. However, considering their nutritional values, they can sustain your body. You will need water though as your body can’t function without fluids.

Unless a person is a bird or rodent, depending entirely on seeds won’t be healthy. They won’t go far on seeds alone, but people can survive for a while with only sunflower seeds before malnutrition kicks in. A person can depend entirely on sunflower seeds for quite a while but not forever. They will need other nutrients found in foods other than these seeds. Starting from water, a substance that none can survive without for more than 3 days, there are additional nutrients needed to sustain our bodies. For the limited time, sunflower seeds can sustain a person, there are health benefits that can be incurred in them.

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Proteins found in the seeds are good for your muscle growth and repair. Sunflower seeds will supply a person with sufficient proteins to build and repair muscle tissues if taken in the right quantity. The seeds are about 20% proteins so one cup of it delivers 10g of proteins. You will have the ability to gain muscles while on sunflower seeds as a meal. These seeds are also linked to boosting your immunity as it contains vitamin E content. They contain zinc and selenium too which help build a strong immunity system to counter pathogens entering your body. The seeds solve certain health problems like reducing cholesterol.

High cholesterol has been linked to coronary heart disease which has threatened and claimed many lives. The fiber content in the seed helps reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. These essential fatty acids and phytosterols regulate cholesterol levels hence boost the heart’s health. Phytosterol helps in building immunity too, so it has multiple benefits for your body. While on sunflower seeds as a source of nutrients, you may be benefiting your skin. The seeds are good for your skin as they contain fatty acids that help in the formation of collagen and elastin. The two helps in smoothening the skin and heal skin damage.

Benefits of Living Off Sunflower Seeds

You will be detoxifying your body while depending entirely on eating sunflower seeds. The magnesium content in sunflower seeds is known to remove bacteria and germs from your body cells. Toxins will be flushed too from your body by the high magnesium content found in the seeds. The component may regulate blood pressure too making it very essential to your body. There is iron in sunflower seeds which helps in the formation of blood. This will help you counter anemia in case you have it during the diet. It will ensure sufficient blood production in your body to counter or prevent this deficiency.

Energy is needed for almost every task of the day in every living creature. In humans, we need the energy to perform daily activities from heavy to light tasks. These seeds will be a good source of this needed energy. The components of vitamin B1 and electrolytes found in sunflower seeds will fuel your body with energy making it active or agile. If you are looking to depend on sunflower seeds to reduce weight, you are doing the right thing. Sunflower seeds are filled with fiber and proteins which keep you full, reducing hunger pangs.