My name is Violaine.

Yes, it is a French name, derived from the flower ‘violet’. It was given by my mother after a beautiful and intelligent acquaintance of hers… hoping that, through naming me the same way, I would show the perfection that this person was representing for her…

Not surprisingly, I tried unconsciously┬áto be that perfect child, perfect teenager, perfect pupil, perfect employee, perfect friend, perfect wife and perfect mother… until life taught me (the hard way) that it is simply not possible.

This is when Ayurveda came in. To support me in understanding better who I am, what my strengths are, what l shall try to improve, and how I can slowly better my physical and mental situation.

Certain good things I learnt have not (yet) materialized in a new routine as they would require a too fundamental change that does not fit (yet) with my busy life and past choices. That said, Ayurvedic teachings and experiences prove to be supporting, relieving or boosting , even for someone having a ‘standard┬ámainstream’ lifestyle, like me.

I cannot decently keep them just for myself… that would be too selfish.

So I created this Blog for you, Dear ‘Athiti’ (Guest in Sanskrit). And for my Children. So that they can get the best of their imperfect but genuine and dedicated mum.